The Callahan Girls

This is photo Henry wanted on the site to show Helen’s Callahan heritage.
We call this the Callahan Girls:


Cousins: Helen & Maureen
And their mothers: Mabel and Marguerite (sisters).


2 thoughts on “The Callahan Girls

  1. My thanks to all who participated in contributing to this picture in memory of the Callahan heritage:
    Maureen, gave me the idea, in a breavement letter wherein she referred to herself as “one of the Callahan girls”.
    Lenore,who located the undated photo of Helen and the two
    Matt, who located another undated photo of Maureen.
    Lenore, again, who combined the two photos into one.
    Mimi, who created this website and added the photo.
    Finally, It was Mimi and Lenore who approximated the date of the left side of the photo from Helen’s hairstyle following the birth of Patty.

    Once again, thank you all for this cherished addition to my Memoirs of Helen and her family.


  2. Henry, Lenore, Mimi and all of you. I am so proud to be part of ‘The Callahan Girls.’ I was always so proud to be a Callahan and to have my cousins live in New York City, especially Brooklyn. My cousin, Helen, was my one link to those days and Helen was so important in my life. Thank you for making me part of Helen’s webpage. Maureen

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