A Family Vacation

familyVacation500I like this photo of our family, particularly of Mom because she looks like such a natural beauty … even camping with five kids. (Click to see larger photo, and you’ll see what I mean).

I don’t know where this taken. The scanned file is tagged 63 camping. We seem to be in a cabin … which isn’t technically camping! And 1963 would make me about 2 years old at the time.


Those must be Mom’s sunglasses that Henry is wearing. Cute!

One thought on “A Family Vacation

  1. OMG, who is that lovely sylphlike seductress with the smiling white earrings? And who is that brooding Shiek of the Desert, lurking across from her, raising and lowering his eyebrows like a drunken Groucho Marx? Where is his cigar? Who the hell is Grocho Marx? Perhaps he is Karl’s brother?

    Five absolutely beautiful and beguiling children stare with distrust at the photographer. They all miss their gorgeous sister, Patty, who hasn’t yet been born. The Blue Boy on the left, seizing proactive control of the situation, arms his spoon with a lethal load of Chocolate Destruction to hurl at the intruding photographer. “Don’t mess wit’ us,” he threatens. . .

    C’mon, you guys. Who is that photographer? Someone who delivered a dish-drainer, parked it on the table, and proceeded to clean up the kitchen? Then four loads of laundry are dispatched, many kiddies bathed and enfolded into flannel PJs as they are serenaded by medieval plainsong. Plaintive lullabies are crooned to reluctant children as they are whisked to their cots.

    At last, glasses of vintage moo juice are decanted for the stunned parents. Has Mary Poppins invaded the tent trailer? I think not…

    Mystery upon mystery. Is that a bomb on the far right, behind the dish drainer?

    Listen up, all you Haddads. Who is the photographer? We need answers! And they better not be serious!

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