First Communion Photo / Confirmation

I think Eileen was asking about this photo, so I thought I would post it here. If you click on the photo is will open up the full size file, which would be more suitable if you wanted to make a print.

We have been calling this “First Holy Communion” but I think Mom looks more grown-up than 7 years old here. Doesn’t she? Could it be her Confirmation? Either way, I think it’s a beautiful photo and Mom looks so lovely.

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This photo reminds me of what Matt said in his eulogy, about Mom’s First Communion:

When I was getting ready for my first communion my mom told me how close to God she felt at the time she first took communion. She said she felt God’s love so much, that He was so real, that if she died then (as a 7 year old), that it would be okay because she knew she would be with God. So in a sense I think my mom has been ready for heaven for the last 68 years.

3 thoughts on “First Communion Photo / Confirmation

  1. WOW, hasn’t Mom alway’s been a beautiful Woman!!!! Even going back to when she was maybe only 7 years old, she looks exactly the same. Doesn’t she have that soft poetic look to her face we all know. We did’nt just grow up with an angel for a Mom, she was born an angel (before we ever knew her)!!!

  2. I vist this website frequently and always go to this photo o Helen at age seven. I fall in love with her again and again,

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