The Writing and Dining Out Group

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The Writing and Eating GroupThis is a group of my mom’s friends who got together every month for lunch and writing critique-ing. These dear friends are Cheryl Stark, Phyllis Malcolm and Trish Astbury. Speaking to them over the years (at her home, sometimes during hospital visits and eventually at my Mom’s funeral), it was very clear how much they loved my Mom.

I think they said that they met in a writing class at Cal State Fullerton and began as a study group. They just kept on meeting long after the class was over.

This collection of photos was from a trip they took to Coronado together. This framed collage is from a wall in my mom’s kitchen. I think it was a gift from her friends.

3 thoughts on “The Writing and Dining Out Group

  1. I will never forget you three lovely ladies for the enduring and intensive affection you showered on Helen. She loved your company and had the same affection for you.

  2. What a great honor it is to be included on Helen’s web page. We did share a wonderful friendship and have so many happy memories. The times we spent in Coronado were some of the best times we had together — we would talk and laugh, (yes, and eat), play games, walk to the Del for a leisurely lunch overlooking the ocean, and when Helen’s health declined we would drive there. Helen was crazy about her family and her love for Henry was so obvious, especially in the way her beautiful eyes lit up when he called. Then there was the time he drove all the way to Coronado to take her dancing at the Del. I was prepared to sleep on the couch that night, but no, Henry drove back home again! What an amazing relationship,and of course Phyllis and I had something to say to our hubbies when we got home!

    I send love to you all, I grieve for my dear friend and room mate (as Cheryl and Phyllis do), but can only imagine how hard it is for all of you. I think she is smiling down on you all with that twinkle in her eyes and her heart swelling with pride and love.


  3. Trish is right – it is indeed an honor to be included here, as it was an honor to call Helen our friend. Now when the three of us get together, we talk of how we miss Helen, but soon we are smiling and talking about the happy memories we have of her. She was incredibly generous, loving, and enthusiastic. I never saw her receive a gift she didn’t like; she reacted to the smallest trinket as if it were the crown jewels. She loved to talk (and brag) about her kids and grandkids, and she was a role model they could all admire. She and Henry set a wonderful example of a loving husband and wife, with a good, strong relationship of love and devotion to each other, to their children, and to God. As Matt said so eloquently in his eulogy, we all know the way to heaven, where she is waiting for us.
    Love and peace to you all.

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