At Nana & PopPop House

Here is a short (3 minute) clip of celebrating Luke’s 1st birthday at NaNa and PopPop’s house.  Mom makes an appearance around the 1:30 mark but her voice and laughter can be heard throughout the entire video.  It reminds me what a perfect hostess she was:  making sure everyone had what they need and always brightening up the conversation with her happy spirit.  How I love her!

More of these to come, as I transfer my home movies from analog tape to digital.
Hope you enjoy them!

2 thoughts on “At Nana & PopPop House

  1. Thank you for sharing Aunt Mimi! What a beautiful laugh Nana had. I am jealous that I don’t get to hear it until I meet her in Heaven with Jesus. And your boys look as precious as ever.

    • This video is so precious, i can’t believe it was 24 years ago.
      Seeing your mom in her element laighing and talking is a special thing, I am touched.
      Oh, and seeing Don is special as well as those beautiful baby boys!

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