With Friends in Coronado

momandfriends.jpgOne of Helen’s favorite places was the condo on Coronado Island. Here’s a photo we came across of Mom with her friends/fellow writers. Left to right: Helen, Pat Wright, Anne Farrell, Linda Prine.  Linda McLaughlin is taking the photo. These 5 talented authors met every Friday for years.

One thought on “With Friends in Coronado

  1. Hi Mimi,

    I was so delighted to see this picture posted. We had so many wonderful times in Coronado. I have this and other pictures of our group on my refridgerator. We were so relaxed, and in our element. Talking about writing and listening to the ocean, and of course–eating! We always made plans around the food. And when we left, we made sure Helen had some yummy left-overs. She always saw us off. And she stood on that exact balcony waving down to us as we drove away.

    Wonderful memories …


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