5 Years Without Her

Here are a few things my Dad ask me to add to Mom’s website.  I had scanner issues and I’m adding them quickly before leaving for the cementery.  Maybe Henry can add some more thoughts, as we drive up and i can post them by cell.

By Henry

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3 thoughts on “5 Years Without Her

  1. You are not alone today
    Nor will you be tomorrow

    For warmest thoughts of those who care
    Are with you in your sorrow

    And may it comfort you to know
    Your loved ones are thought of too

    By everyone who shares the loss
    Of one so dear to you

  2. As October rolls around I start thinking about Aunt Helen even more. I had been visiting the site quite frequently waiting for posts on this anniversary. I saw the recipes you had posted and was so excited to write them down and keep them. Thank you so much for posting them! I loved the video.:) Uncle Henry… as always your love for Aunt Helen is an inspiration. Miss you, love you, always thinking of you. Sending lots of love from the east coast to the west coast. Ann Marie

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