Recipes: Shish Kebab (Mishwee)

Well, I can’t say I’ve tried making this one.  It looked like a lot of work and, as I recall, it disappeared in the blink of an eye  in our family!  But if you are feeling nostalgic and ambitious:  here is the recipe … have at it!   And let me know what time dinner will be served.  I’ll be there on time!

Shis Kebab

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  1. My comment is not about the above recipe…but I thought it would be an opportunity to ask a question about Helen Haddad. I live in Waterford, CT and have recently purchased a beautiful landscape painting of trees and mountains, done in oil or acrylics. Could this wonderful woman be the artist of my painting: It is signed: Helen Haddad. I would appreciate a response, if possible.

    Bugi Reiff

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