Recipes: Cabbage Crunch Salad

cabbage crunch salad

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Here is the Chinese Crunch Salad mom used to make.  You may remember that, originally, she used to fry up those Mai Fun noodles a small batch at a time.  They would make a big mess and cool noise when they puffed up.  Eventually she discovered she could save herself a lot of greasy clean up,  by using this version of the recipe which swapped in Ramen noodles in place of the fried noodles.

This ground breaking discovery was a turning point in her career, finally freeing her to devote more time to writing her first novel.  Murder mystery readers worldwide thank you, Top Ramen! Domo Arigatou Gozaimas !  (That’s for Monica’s amusement. )   🙂


Another note:  You can buy one of those broiler chickens for less than $5 , shred the chicken off it, and turn this into a Chinese Chicken Salad in a jiffy!

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