MoonRiver (Full Version)

Here is the full version of  Mom singing Moonriver  for Patty, who video-taped it during our trip to Kauaii.  You can hear PopPop in the background teaching one or both of Patty’s boys, how to play poker!  At first, it bothered him to hear that he was talking through Mom’s performance … but I thought it was a very sweet scene to imagine:  Mom singing a sentimental song from Patty’s childhood, so that she could tape it.  And Dad, hanging out in the hotel room with his grandsons teaching them to play cards.

2 thoughts on “MoonRiver (Full Version)

  1. I love this so much… when I first saw it I started to cry and every time I get choked up and tears come to my eyes… so beautiful to see Aunt Helen on video, hear her voice, and I just adore at the end when she hugs and kisses Patty telling her she loves her. After I first saw it, I added it to the songs I sing to Kerry and Bridie… they now both ask for it before going to sleep at night and sometimes they sing it with me. I can’t wait to show it to them when they can appreciate it and that it is a video of their Papa’s sister singing.

  2. Mom singing Moon River was a sentimental childhood song to all of us, when Mom sang it. Her voice is so beautiful, just like Mom!! I remember Mom always said that was all of our favorite, because it was the longest. Sorry Mom, your wrong on that one!! It was / is my favorite because the way you sing it.

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