A Lulllaby and Kiss Goodnight

When my mom would put the kids to bed each night, she would let us each pick a song that we wanted her to sing to us before we fell asleep.  I think all of the kids in the family cherish this as a very special part of our childhood.  With six kids, it must have been a very long process, now that I think about it.  But as a child, it was a few minutes of the day when we had our Mom all to ourselves as she sat on the edge of our bed and sang our request.    This song, MoonRiver, (we all later learned) turned out to be the song that everyone thought was “their special song.”   Knowing kids, I wonder if it was the song that took the longest to sing?

When we were in Hawaii for Helen & Henry’s 50th wedding anniversary, Patty coaxed my Mom into singing it to her yet again!  And, thank goodness, she even videotaped  it!  I posted just about 20 seconds of the song here, because I’m not really sure how my Mom would feel about a video of her singing being posted to the intenet?  Would she mind?   When I was a little girl, I thought my Mom had the most beautiful singing voice I’d ever heard,  even prettier than Snow White.  I still think she has the voice of an Angel.  The very best part is the end, where she gives Patty a kiss and tells her she loves her.   It makes me feel like she’s right here, giving me a kiss goodnight.


2 thoughts on “A Lulllaby and Kiss Goodnight

  1. What about Frair a Jaque’ a Frair a Jaque’? I loved that one too. Of course then Mom recomposed it to “Are You Sleeping Brother John”? Which I would get to hear one right after the other.

  2. Was MoonRiver the longest? I remember Mom always said she thought thats why it was everyones favorite song. But, is it our fault she has such a beautiful voice? And can do that song better than anyone!! The professionals have bands / symphonies and DONT hold a candle to Mom with MoonRiver!! Am I not right!!!
    ???? I think I was the luckiest, of all the kids. Because I had by far, the most Alone time with Mom!!

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