Four Years Without Mom

Well, if you haven’t noticed, as I tried to retrieve some missing posts and comments today … I managed to wipe out the entire blog on the most crucial day of it’s duty. Here is the image that Dad asked me to scan and post to the site:

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This is something that Dad came across in Mom’s desk drawer, I think, and has had hanging on the wall with a photo of Mom for the past year or so.

Now, I’m going to try to retrieve and restore the past year of posts. Also post that video I promised you!    (Scroll down the page here, to read Henry’s comments about this image)

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3 thoughts on “Four Years Without Mom

  1. I discovered this print in Helen’s drawer; the quote was a gross
    understatement. For me, marrying that Irish girl resulted
    in an undeserved, indescribably, deliriously happy life.
    Irish girls are nice.

    On the other hand, there are times that descriptions of Helen are exaggerated. Mimi once wrote,” I was trying to unravel the mystery of what unique combination of genetics and environment came together to create this remarkably strong and loving personality? I’m coming up with a big bang theory that only happens once every 20 billion years.” Twenty billion years is somewhat of an exaggeration. Perhaps ten billion years would be closer.
    I just happened to be there, at the right time, to stumble into her.

  2. Luck of the Irish is what happened on the day Helen met Henry. Together they lived a life full of normalicy and productivity with some twist and turns along the way.

    With each passing year, I read through this memorial site and remember Helen with love and respect, joy and laughter, heartach and prayers.

    Four years has passed so quickly. Tears have been replaced by lasting memories and life lessons.

    Love to all who loved Helen.

    Jan Marie

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