“Everything in the room gave off a warm coppery glow, except for a curving , citrus yellow love seat that seemed to float in the center of the room like a crescent of  lemon in a cup of freshly brewed tea” . That  is the last paragraph on page 50  of  Helen’s book, Picture of Guilt.   I have paused to savor this description on every reading, including the one last week.

Surprisingly, I find something new in every reading and a greater appreciation of the subtle nuances, and the elegant methods in her handling of  passionate, romantic engagements.  The writing was beautiful, she was beautiful.  Once again, the book and Helen, did not allow me to let them  go.  It is worth re-reading.

The first of these annual letters began with a letter of gratitude from Helen to those friends who sustained her during her illness.  Last year I wrote an  “In Gratitude”  letter to those particular friends that were members of the Prayer Group who had been in constant contact with her.  This “In Gratitude” letter is to God, to Whom I offer thanks every day for blessing me with Helen and a life of  indescribable, delirious happiness.  This is the first time I’ve thanked Him in writing.


  1. A reminder that Mom left some of herself for us all in Picture of Guilt. And while this may be the first time Dad expressed gratitude to God in writing, he displays it in his love for Mom even to this day.

  2. It is hard to believe that three years have passed. As with everything time moves on. The one tangable thing that will continue to move on with time are the words written by Helen in “Picture of Guilt”. Henry, Helen will always be with you and her words will always speak to you. Anybody that knew the two of you together knew of God’s Love and Blessings.

    Remembering Helen with Love always,

    Jan Marie

  3. Mom was a gift from God. Dad, you are also are a gift from God. God put you two together for a reason. That reason is clear to everyone who saw what a God honoring marriage you had. Mom is now in the presence of the God she honored. God is good!

  4. So true Chris…
    Uncle Henry… we all hear your love for her in every way you speak of her. She was an incredible women who continues to touch us even now.

  5. I love those lines from Mom’s book! I remember the first time i read them, on loose copier pages… i thought it was so beautifully descriptive i had to call Mom and tell her.

    I often thank God for my parents… and maybe more often for their marriage… what a glorious gift their marriage was to our whole family.

    It’s been three years since we’ve had the gift of her presence but ALL the other gift that came from having her will always be with us.

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