On October 15, 2007 I wrote a remembrance of Helen titled “Living A Life Of Love”. On October 17, 2007 Helen slipped quietly into God’s waiting arms. The last paragraph of my remembrance was:

When Helen passes on to be with God, I am absolutely sure He will welcome her with open arms. In Heaven she will find a continuing life of love where she will enjoy reuniting with those who have passed on before her and watching over all of us that remain on this earth living with her loving memory.

A year since her passing and I can say with absolute certainty that Helen has been watching over all those She loved and held dearly. During this first year without Helen, we have all experienced a world of emotions. So many times there have been moments when Helen has entered my thoughts or I have reflected on how Helen would have felt about or handled a situation. I have laughed aloud by myself when I do something that we used to laugh about together.

The person I believe She is watching over the most is Her beloved Henry. Her continuing Love from above has given him the strength to carry on. I believe Helen must be at peace knowing Henry has relocated close to several of his children (can’t help thinking that was her doing) and remains continually active with his business.

I pray for all those whose lives have been touched by Helen and who will be remembering her tomorrow with Love, Happiness and Joy at having been privileged to know Her.

With love and God’s Blessings,

Jan Marie


  1. Jan Marie may be right. Though it is a stretch to believe that Helen had a hand in having God produce the July earthquake that injured only me within a fifty mile radius, it did result in my moving to Murrieta where I was showered with an extraordinary deluge of love by my children who lived in that vicinity.
    I also was priviledged to witness the love, respect and happinesses in their marriages that one could only truly observe while living with them during my recovery period. I previously couldn’t conceive that any other couple could share such bliss.
    Was it chance that my apartment was the only one in my complex that was hit with such a pinpoint violence? The apartment manager told me that no other tenants, even those hobbling around on canes and walkers, were injured or so shaken.

    It took an earthquake to make me move, and it was worth it.

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