Helen and Aunt Dottie

We all love this photo because Mom is just glowing with beauty, as always. I think Dottie and Helen considered each other the sisters they never had.


Dottie wrote me that looking at photos of my Mom makes her smile along with the tears, because of Helen’s beautiful smile.

One thought on “Helen and Aunt Dottie

  1. The picture of Helen amd me brought back so many wonderful memories she and I shared together. The picture was taken in 1993 at one of Helen’s and my favorite restaurants; you will recognize the name (Tio Peppe)it’s in downtown Baltimore; she included it in her book “Picture of Guilt.” Helen moved the location to Philadelipha because that was where the story took place.

    We’re each holding a glass of Sangrea, and Helen did order the “Mushrooms from the Caves of Sagonia.”

    About 2 months before Helen died we were talking on the phone and Helen mentioned this picture, she said she kept it in the book she was reading to remind her of that time we were together; after that I’ve kept the picture in my book. It was a previledge to know and love her and I will always miss her.

    God bless you all,
    Love, Aunt Dotty

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