Mom’s Rice Pilaf

I can’t decide if it’s appropriate to post the video here, but I made this video for Henry, who likes to call for the recipe when he’s cooking it.  Come to think of it, cooking Mom’s recipes probably just makes him want to talk to the family.  Which means this video was unnecessary, but it’s done so I’ll post it here for now.

Recipes: Shish Kebab (Mishwee)

Well, I can’t say I’ve tried making this one.  It looked like a lot of work and, as I recall, it disappeared in the blink of an eye  in our family!  But if you are feeling nostalgic and ambitious:  here is the recipe … have at it!   And let me know what time dinner will be served.  I’ll be there on time!

Shis Kebab

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Recipes: Cabbage Crunch Salad

cabbage crunch salad

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Here is the Chinese Crunch Salad mom used to make.  You may remember that, originally, she used to fry up those Mai Fun noodles a small batch at a time.  They would make a big mess and cool noise when they puffed up.  Eventually she discovered she could save herself a lot of greasy clean up,  by using this version of the recipe which swapped in Ramen noodles in place of the fried noodles.

This ground breaking discovery was a turning point in her career, finally freeing her to devote more time to writing her first novel.  Murder mystery readers worldwide thank you, Top Ramen! Domo Arigatou Gozaimas !  (That’s for Monica’s amusement. )   🙂


Another note:  You can buy one of those broiler chickens for less than $5 , shred the chicken off it, and turn this into a Chinese Chicken Salad in a jiffy!