Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of Helen’s passing. Mourning her has given way to the joy of her memory. Her smiling face is clear in my mind and my ears can still hear her laughter.

As with all those I have lost, certain things happen that spark a thought of them.

Helen will always spark a thought, a memory, a smile, a laugh. Her courage will always be there to give me courage and her love for all will always be there to help me be a better person.

Henry, I know how hard loosing Helen has been for you and I admire your effort to keep going because you know that is how she would want it.

Prayers to all tomorrow as we remember Helen, each in our own special way.


Jan Marie

Living A Life of Love

How blessed I feel to have known a person like Helen Haddad. As she reaches the end of her long struggle, I look back and remember the life of love she has lead. She has loved her God, her Husband, her Children, her Grandchildren, her Family, and her Friends.

She has spent many hours in prayer with her prayer group and her Church. Showing her devotion and caring by asking God to protect those in need as well as those she loves.

She has also loved her art. Editing, critiquing, and writing brought her great joy. Helping Henry edit his seminar presentations, critiquing works for her writing groups, and pouring her heart into the writing of “Picture of Guilt”. Helen was on cloud nine when her labor of love was published and she won the Eppie award. We all shared her joy at the awards “Picture of Guilt” received and none of us were surprised at how tirelessly she worked to promote it.

I remember how much she loved to shop. Every Tuesday to Ross for senior discount day. Chico’s was her favorite. How we would laugh with her when she got such a great deal on an item of clothing using her discount coupons. And the fashion shows, we always enjoyed giving her our opinions on which outfit she should wear for whatever event. I called her the catalog queen. Thank goodness for HSN.

Helen and Henry seeing the world together also brought her a love of traveling. By airplane, car, cruise ship, or train. Alone, with Henry or with family. Across the oceans or across the states. For work or play. Helen was always ready to go. If you wanted to watch Helen light up just mention Pechanga, her favorite local destination. No matter where she traveled, she always brought us back a gift memento.

When Helen got sick, her love for life kept her going. Never once did you hear a negative, only positive. As long as she could go, she went. When she was feeling ill, she would look at it as a moment in time to be worked through so she could continue living life. She controlled her illness, it did not control her.

When it came time to leave her beautiful home in La Habra Heights, she embraced it with gusto. Searching for just the right place to spend the rest of her life, she found her haven in her present location. Comfy, cozy, decorated just the way she wanted and a balcony overlooking the fairway of the neighboring golf course. Helen talked of the peace and comfort she felt living there.

Nothing has brought her greater love than Henry and her Children. She has great pride is each one of them. You could see that each time she spoke of them. Her granchildren are also a source of pride. When we last spoke, she was very excited about the great-grandchild on the way.

When Helen passes on to be with God, I am absolutely sure He will welcome her with open arms. In Heaven she will find a continuing life of love where she will enjoy reuniting with those who have passed on before her and watching over all of us that remain on this earth living with her loving memory.

Thank you for giving us a forum to express our Love for Helen.

God Bless all of you.


Jan Marie