Mothers Day with Mom

Mom,On Saturday, I stopped by the cemetery to bring flowers and visit with you, but it seemed you were not there.  I said my prayers that evening and spoke to you, but was not sure I had your ear.  I discussed your absence with Wanda and reminisced   about our lives with you, but did not feel you join our conversation.  Then on Mother’s Day morning I thought about and prayed for Dad, and there you were.  I should have known that would be where I’d find you.  That’s where you have always been; there was never just Mom or just Dad, always the two of you.  And even after you’d gone, I saw you there.  When Dad was hurt and stayed with us a few weeks, I felt you here with us as well.Happy Mothers Day Mom.  I miss you so much, but now I remember where to find you.  Love, Chris